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Payroll and HR are two elements of business that often get neglected. The average small business owner will spend between seven and 25 per cent of their working hours handling employee paperwork. While outsourcing may seem ldaunting, it can certainly free up time.

ng your employees correctly is crucial, and mistakes could cost you far more than respect. It’s their prerogative to get paid what they earn; on time and in full.

Increased productivity

Outsourcing payroll and HR can lead to increased productivity. For example, according to Numerus Payroll Services, businesses that want to move into a commission based payment structure will often seek their aid; and the small cost of outsourcing often yields huge results – when employees get rewarded for their efforts, they’ll work harder.

Outsourcing will also free up time, allowing your employees to concentrate on more important aspects of your business. Payroll and HR are often regarded as the most “mundane” aspects of business, and dealing with the paperwork can be a long and gruelling process that can decrease productivity. Outsourcing can prevent this from occurring.

Up-to-date rules and regulations

Few people know the complexities of calculating tax and ensuring that HMRC regulations are adhered to. Keeping up with changes in legislation is paramount and also comes at extra cost. In recent years the ever increasing changes by HMRC, has driven more businesses towards outsourcing their administrative functions.

If you handle all of your payroll and HR in-house, you’ll have to allocate a certain amount of time and money to training, ensuring that your employees are well informed. One small change to HMRC’s rules and regulations could put your whole business at risk and lead to major accounting issues. A professional payroll service will keep up-to-date with these changes, allowing you to save money when training is needed.

Reduced expenditure

Hiring new staff is costly. In addition to their salary, you’ll probably have to pay various other costs such as health care. Taking on a full-time employee to handle HR and payroll isn’t always financially viable. In addition to hiring new staff, there are also other overheads such as placing job advertisements, paying recruiters, conducting interviews and buying office equipment.

In a study conducted by Bond International Software, 51 per cent of companies in the UK said they outsource their payroll and HR; and the significant majority stated that it noticeably saved them time and money. While you may have fear of losing control, a good payroll service will always provide a dedicated administrator who will work closely with your business. This means that you can inform them of your objectives beforehand to ensure you create a personal working relationship that coincides with your goals.

In conclusion, payroll and HR are two of the most important aspects in business and can’t be ignored. Having a dedicated system in place to handle these procedures can reduce administration costs and increase efficiency. This allows both you and your employees to focus solely on growing your business.

Source: The business benefits of outsourcing HR and payroll services – Real Business